Sekure: G Suite Data Classification software

Protect data in your Google Drive with Sekure's Data Classification software for G Suite

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Today there’s a new reality faced by many IT admins with a constantly increasing remote workforce. Modern workplace practices now require accessing, sharing, and making use of data outside the corporate network. Hence, there is an increased need to identify what qualifies as sensitive data, where it is residing and how to protect it, both on-premise and in the cloud. Good data classification practices lay the foundation for protecting important data while reaping the benefits of collaboration.

G Suite Data Classification:

Data classification is the activity of categorizing data according to its sensitivity level to ensure it is being handled efficiently, appropriately and securely. Data classification across G Suite enables organizations to accurately identify what constitutes as important business data in Google Drive, determine its sensitivity level and apply appropriate data protection controls.

Here is our top 3 reasons why data must be classified:

Know your data to know how to Handle it: “Remote workplace” has become a new norm for every organization. Therefore, it is vital for organizations to know what information is being created, how it is shared, and how much of it is sensitive. Without the visibility into the sensitivity of the data, its acceptable use cannot be determined. Sensitive data discovery and catalog is therefore the first step in enabling and enforcing G Suite security controls. Remember, protection of every data element in G Suite is neither desired nor feasible.

Handle with care: The classification labels when applied to documents and emails guide users to determine how the data should be handled. Further the classification labels and metadata attributes aid your security systems identify which data elements need greater protection.  

Comply with Regulatory Standards: With increased scrutiny and emphasis over data privacy, it is now more important than ever before to determine if data that is created or uploaded into the cloud is out of compliance. The data classification and tagging capabilities extend the visibility on compliance and helps your team identify if the data stored in the G Suite is complying with various regulatory requirements such as PCI, PII, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, HIPAA etc. or not. 

How Sekure Data Classification for G Suite Protects your data:

Sekure’s data classification and governance solution for G Suite specifically designed and developed to help organizations of every size an easy, efficient and affordable way to accurately identify, classify, tag, monitor, control, and share corporate information securely via Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides etc. 

Here is how Sekure fuels your G Suite security team:

Automated Data Classification: Sekure’s G Suite data classification solution automatically and accurately applies classification labels, identity attributes, and visual markings to the documents and emails. Sekure fuels your data security program every time your team creates, uploads or distributes data via G Suite apps such as Google Drive, Calendar or Gmail.

Cloud-Native Solution: Sekure’s data classification suite works natively with Google Apps such as Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Slide, Sheets, etc. No agents to install or policies to configure! Sekure’s data classification software for G Suite integrates directly into your Google workflow and grows with your data loss prevention and governance program.

Dynamic Data Loss Prevention: Sekure’s G Suite Data Loss Prevention engine automatically applies DLP and/or IRM rules to the files stored in the Google Drive based on the content, context and/or classification. All in the twinkle of an eye. Furthermore, Sekure’s G Suite data governance platform extends the visibility on “out of compliance” data stored in the Google Drive and helps your data privacy team mitigate gaps in the compliance program.

As a business it is very important to gain full and granular visibility on how your workforce is using the critical business data and protect it from unauthorized use. See how Sekure’s data classification and governance solution for G Suite offers a frictionless experience for users and helps your organization protect the data that matters the most. Schedule a 1-1 demo with our product specialist to learn more.

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